Our experience and expertise is far less valuable kept to ourselves. We’ve decided to bring back our consulting services in the form of ad-hoc mentorship and advice.

You can now easily schedule open-ended time with us by the hour. Some ways we can help you in these sessions:

  • sharing best practices
  • remote pairing
  • problem solving discussion
  • collaborative planning
  • code or architecture review

Personal or Open Source, Remote

This service is not just for commercial use. Any person or project that wants to take advantage of our guidance can at a discounted rate of $150/hr. This offer is limited to video conferencing that will be recorded for potential future educational material.

Commercial Hourly, Remote

Unrecorded video conferencing sessions are available at $250/hr.

Commercial Daily, Onsite

In-office sessions provide higher throughput and are generally more enjoyable! You can borrow us at $2,000 per day, per person, on top of travel and accommodation.

Contact Us

Get in touch to check availability, just email us: team @